Star Mosaic 

Detail of mosaic decoration in a Byzantine-Arab-Norman style at the Cappella Palatina, in the Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo; Created by artisans in the late 1100s. 

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  1. The design is so modern! You could have fooled me that it’s 900 years old. It’s an interesting very slight variation of the six-sided star. Hmmmm <3

    1. There is no mistake about the 6-pointed star and the Jewish star of David similarity. This Palermo in the 1100s was multicultural and the artisans who worked on the chapel were so as well… they were Muslims, Jews, and Byzantine Christians working side by side (the king wanted it that way), and their cultures are purposefully reflected in the designs of this eye-popping chapel. There was no mistake about it! We should follow their lead today. Norman-era Palermo and Sicily is an inspiration of how a multicultural society, when fostered by the government can equate to prosperity and progress for all.

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