Exhale in Monreale


Most people visit William II’s Cathedral at Monreale in the morning–but something to note is how beautiful it is in the evening when the sunlight is majestic on the 228 columns of the cloister. The inlaid lava stone designs (known as intarsias) create mesmerizing archways, while the peacefulness of the early 13th century corridors built by Sicilian and Venetian artisans create an other-worldly sanctuary.

Come with me for Savoring Sicily (Sep. 22-Oct. 4) when we’ll listen to the babbling of the fountain here on Day 10. Close your eyes and sit for a moment. Now contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com knowing that we take care of everything so you can exhale on your vacation.

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  1. tpetrianoTom says:

    This photo brings back such a wonderful memory of our visit to Monreale. The cloister is such a serene and beautiful place and this picture captures it perfectly.

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