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Truth be told, I’m in Alaska as I write this. But all-the-while I’m traveling here, I’m thinking of Sicily. And I’m thinking about how to provide our guests with a multi-sensory experience in the land that I love. Today, we traveled to the Yukon territory in a bus and then returned by old-fashioned train. We were surrounded by tundra and snow-capped mountains and rain forest, yet, it was like watching TV. We were inside vehicles almost the entire day. It drove me insane! That’s why on our Experience Sicily trips, I ensure that we have some serious time touching, feeling, and experiencing the land. Not just looking at it! So, on Day 7 of Savoring Sicily, our September 22-October 4 tour, we’ll have a nature-powered day with local guides who grew up on Etna (pictured), who will lead us on a walk on a crater, discuss with us lava flow and post-eruption ecosystems, and share with us what life is like living on Europe’s highest, most active volcano. Come get your shoes dirty, your lungs filled with fresh air, and your taste buds stimulated by local specialties. Contact me at and we’ll set up a time to talk!

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  1. “The boot is famous to the earth,
    more famous than the dress shoe,
    which is famous only to floors.”
    _from “Famous” by Naomi Shihab Nye

    I like your style of touching, feeling, direct contact. Boots. <3 🙂

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