Flower Power: Noto’s 2016 Infiorata


Celebrating spring in Noto is a professional sport that takes the form of the annual Infiorata, or flower festival. However, when I say flower, I don’t mean bouquets of fragrant buds placed carefully in vases. No, in Noto, it’s a full-on work of street art in the form of carpets created by flower petals and other natural elements from the region that illustrate a theme. For example, last year’s festival, pictured here (Photo credit: Experience Sicily’s local guide, Sebastiano Garifo), had the theme of Catalonia, Spain. This year’s Infiorata, the 37th annual, which takes place from May 12 to 15 primarily along the UNESCO town’s via Nicolaci, communicates the idea of “Traditions, myths, and legends.” 30 works of floral art will celebrate “Hosting the world.” Stand by, I’m hoping to have some timely photos to share with you in the days ahead.

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  1. How fabulous! And you will be there – have a wonderful (& fragrant) time, Allison!

    1. Unfortunately, I’ll miss it… I arrive on Tuesday, but a good friend is there, and I’m hoping for photos to share! Thank you for the well-wishes Dana! May you have many dream-filled nights in the weeks ahead. 🙂

  2. Do you ever think about living in Sicily? It must pull you. Just from your wonderful descriptions, I feel the tug on my heart to go there, explore.

    1. I do think about it and hope to live there for part of the year. This plan is for somewhat far into the future… But I’m working on it!

  3. That would be a great solution. Cool!!!

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