Selinunte Temple


The Doric-style Temple “E” at the ancient Greek site of Selinunte was completed between 490 and 480 BC. Recent research reveals that it was probably dedicated to the goddess Hera, the protectress of weddings, engaged couples, and pregnant women.

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  1. Siciliy seems to be a treasure trove full of things like this 2,500-year-old temple. Just amazing! How do you find them and know about them, Allison? You just show us one after the other after the other! YOU are the gift! ❤

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    1. It most certainly is a treasure trove! Everywhere you turn there is a story. I was saying to my cousin that she lived in an old building because it had an elevator with doors you had to open yourself. The building was built in the 1920s… She said, “This isn’t old! Today we’re going to see a church built in the early 12th century. THAT is old!”


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