Rent a Mini


When I was in Sicily in June/July I put close to 2000 kilometers on this little car. I point out that it is little because little is the tip here: when renting in Sicily, or anywhere in Italy for that matter, rent mini. When you find yourself driving down a street that was never meant to be one, you will be happy you rented small. It makes navigating roads and driveways meant for sheep and shepherds much easier to stomach. Keep in mind that most people have mini-sized cars, so you’ll fit right in!

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  1. I’ve ridden in some tiny cars in Germany, of all places. And going really fast on the Autobahn! Most of the rest of the world (outside the U.S.) drives small cars and even tiny trucks. No SUVs for them and their gas prices!

    1. You’ve got that right about the high gas prices! And no (or few) SUVs makes the driving experience for the rest of us a bit more pleasant too!

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