Sicily’s White Cliffs


La Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte on the southern coast of Sicily are white cliffs that pour into the sea. The cliffs are made of a type of marl or marlstone, a hard-mud material that is a combination of calcium carbonate and lime mixed with other types of clay and silt. Like the Cliffs of Dover in England, La Scala dei Turchi possess a white, chalky color.

It’s a sight to see, and one we’ll be taking in on Day 3 of our Enchanting Sicily tour this September. Let’s experience this wonder of Mother Earth together! Contact me, Allison Scola, at Experience Sicily for more details.

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  1. This picture made me hungry for Beach! And with the cliffs it reminded me of beaches on the windward side of islands in Hawaii (more mountains up against the ocean). 🙂 <3

    1. Oh… Hawaii… yes, Hawaii too has some breathtaking scenery. Now you’ve got me picturing fantasy travel! 🙂

      1. It is much like Sicily because everywhere you turn, there’s another natural beauty to take in. <3

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