Infiorata through Sebastiano’s Eyes


Experience Sicily’s local tour guide Sebastiano Garifo is in Noto tonight, and he sent me this photo of this year’s Infiorata flower festival to share with you! This photo gives us a great picture of via Nicolaci from la Chiesa di Montevergini, the church at the top of the avenue. Visitors from all over the world have come to see the flower “carpets” paying homage to Catalonia, Spain–check out the one featuring Salvador Dali!. Next May, Experience Sicily will be taking a small group to Noto for the Infiorata. Want to join us? Let me know! I’d be thrilled to experience this annual festival with you!

(Photo Credit: Experience Sicily’s Sebastiano Garifo)

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful photograph. I saw Señor Dali right away!

    1. Yes, I’m so happy that Sebastiano got to go! And that we get to see it in real time!

  2. Brian Walsh says:

    Another extraordinary photo! Dali would be proud! Thank you Sabastiano! Would just love to be there. Maybe next year!!!

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