The Splendid


La Zisa, which is currently open to the public as a museum, had been a residence since the 12th century when it was first constructed. Parts of it still maintain its original Moorish splendor–a good word to use because its name “La Zisa” was derived from the Arab word “al-Aziz,” meaning splendid. Throughout its history, various barons and princes called La Zisa, which is now part of the modern metropolis of Palermo, home; however, it was originally “out of town,” and was conceived to be a summer hunting resort for Norman kings seeking to escape the city. 

(Photo Credit: Experience Sicily’s Filippo Buttitta)

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  1. Nice! I must go and visit it in my next trip to Palermo (hopefully in June). Tks for sharing

    1. Jean-Pierre, I’ll be there in June. Let me know you plans.

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