Bloom and Song


From February 12-22, 2015 the city of Agrigento celebrates the 70th Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore (The Festival of the Blooming Almond Trees) and the 60th International Festival of Folklore. The “in Fiore” festival marks that spring is arriving and the almond trees are in bloom, while the folklore festival features performances of not only Sicilian dance and music ensembles, but also folk ensembles from around the world. This year’s festival includes groups from Bulgaria, Holland, Spain, Thailand, Hungry, the Philippines, Slovakia, and Ukraine who will dress in traditional costumes and perform dances and music from their distinct cultures.

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  1. I love the ceramic figurines – looks like a choir with some instrumentalists!

    1. Yes, they’re sweet, right? These were on display at the Sicilian Cart Museum in Palermo–a tiny folk art museum near the Cathedral.

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