“Pip” Whitaker


On the island of Mozia, off of Marsala, is the G. Whitaker Museum, named for Giuseppe, or Joseph Whitaker (1850-1936), who was affectionately known as “Pip.” Pip was the son of Joseph Whitaker, Senior, an entrepreneur from West Yorkshire, England. The Whitakers, like their industrious counterparts the Woodhouses, Hopps, Inghams, and Pynes, came to Sicily in the 19th century and established successful businesses–mainly in the Marsala wine trade. Pip, among other things, was an amatuer archeologist who took a strong interest in Mozia’s Punic past and spent much of his free time unearthing the island’s ancient antiquities, now housed in Mozia’s museum.

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  1. I wondered if the imperialistic British had visited Sicily – not officially now, I see! I can’t see how any country in its right “mind” could try to take over Sicily. The uproar – Sicilianos wouldn’t have it! Oh, btw, when you mentioned Marsala wine, I was reminded that I heard that “marsala” is the season’s new fashion color – it’s a mix between eggplant and raspberry with a leaning toward the bright red of the raspberry. It’s yummy! I found that out from my editor after I described finding a jacket that color at Eddie Bauer. Now that I know where the name comes from, I like the color even better!

    1. Yes, Marsala wine is from Marsala, Sicily! And it is a lovely color. It also has different versions… An upcoming blog post most likely. And yes, the British have been in Sicily for generations… Making money and running things as consults to various governments. That’s actually not a bad thing!

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