She’s Returned


Carmen Consoli is back on the scene. Today, the Catania native released her first album since 2010’s “Elettra,” ” “L’Abitudine di Tornare,” or “The Habit of Return.” If you are in Italy, you can purchase it right away. For those of us abroad, we’ll have to wait until January 27 for the import release–and then wait until it arrives in the mail, no digital release slated for us yet! I’ve pre-ordered my copy, and now I must (impatiently) wait.

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  1. joevaccarelli says:

    Alison, What type of music does she do? 

    Joseph Vaccarelli

    1. Hi Joe, she makes original pop music. But it’s much more intelligent and musically interesting than most Italian pop. She’s an award-winning artist who is greatly respected outside of Italy. It sounds like Sarah McLaughlin, Natalie Merchant, and Jonatha Brooke. She’s outstanding!

  2. Sweet. Thanks for passing this along, Allison. I’m going to try to find her on youtube to start out. 🙂

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