Go Out, Go Out Maria


When we met Fratelli Mancuso in September, they gave us a mini-concert right on a “stradina” (a little street) in Sutera, their hometown. It was absolutely divine! They sang and played for us their song “Nesci Maria” (pictured here). Some of the lyrics in Sicilian, then English, to give you a glimpse, are as follows:

Nesci nesci Maria
Ca iornu e’ fattu
L’aria ti vasa
E ti fa carizza
L’acqua di specchiu fa
A la to biddizza
Quannu a lu coddu
Ti scinni sta trizza

Go out, go out Maria
The sun is up
The air kisses you
And caresses you
The water is like a mirror
For your beauty
When over your neck
Your braid falls
Go out, go out Maria

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  1. How sweet and very romantic! And I love Fratelli Mancuso. Artists are so sexy to me! 🙂

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