Salt Grinder


This is the Maria Stella windmill from the Trapani salt pans. It is one of many windmills whose movement worked a mechanism that ground salt that had been collected from the flats when the sea water held in the flats evaporated. In the past, when this windmill was in use, its large wooded blades were covered with a fabric material that acted like sails, creating the aforementioned movement.

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  1. What a sweet little windmill. I mean, salty! Looks like they have the blades tied down now so they can’t move.

    1. Dana, I imagine they have secured this one to preserve it against the elements. It’s in a nature reserve where there are flamingos in the salt pan! So, that many be another reason why–to protect the birds.

  2. Oh, flamingos! Must protect those beauties.

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