Private Serenade


Last night, we enjoyed a private house concert by a trio of musicians from Casteldaccia who performed traditional Sicilian and Southern Italian folk songs for us on my cousin Evelina’s patio. Fiorenza, Raffaele, and Ettore were fabulous. They even were gracious enough to play three of my songs with me! As a group we enjoyed each other’s company and shared musician stories over melon and pastries before they ended the evening around midnight with the song “Sicila, Sicilia” –the best interpretation of it I’ve heard. Favoloso! Fabulous!

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  1. gypsyinjeans says:

    your posts make me want to go to Sicily..why does the place sound so romantic?

    1. It *is* romantic! And mysterious and full of contrasts. It’s stimulating in so many ways. Let me know if you want to plan a trip or come on one of our planned tours.

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