Tindari’s Sanctuary of the Black Madonna


September 8 is the feast day in honor of the Black Madonna of Tindari. The spectacular and colorful Sanctuary, “il Santuario della Madonna del Tindari,” pictured, was built in the 20th century to accommodate the flow of pilgrims coming to see the iconic statue of the “Madonna Bruna,” which sports an inscription, “Nigra Sum Sed Formosa,” meaning, “I am black, but beautiful.” Once inside, if you follow the signs at the back of the elaborately decorated church, you will find the smaller, more humble 16th century sanctuary that has breathtaking views of the sea below. This original sanctuary was built on top of an ancient temple to the Earth goddess Cybele. The splendid position on a promitory over the sea represents a powerful tribute.

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  1. claire walsh says:

    So enjoy the cultural.and.historical issues related to the Black Madonna!

  2. “Nigra Sum Sed Formosa,” meaning, “I am black, but beautiful.” I liked this quote best out of the article in the link you sent to me.

  3. Andy Aloe says:

    From Sydney Australia the beautiful Black Madonna de Tindari the Madonna we grew up loving and praying to after my parents left beautiful Spadafora Messina Thank you Andy

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