A Pilgrimage for Santa Rosalia


Palermo’s patron saint Santa Rosalia is recognized again on September 4, the day she died in 1166, with a pilgrimage to her sanctuary on Palermo’s Montepellegrino.

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  1. Yet another saint-as-woman celebrated in Sicily. I love it! I thought perhaps I would like to live in Sicily in the 12th century. But then I would never ever ever be a saint!!! 🙂

    1. Yes, nor would I! Santa Rosalia was the equivalent of Saint Francis–she renounced a life of privilege (initially because she didn’t want to marry the man her father arranged for her to marry) and lived a life of service and chastity. There are so many female deities that are celebrated in Sicily–in fact, the tour that I am leading starting this September 19 has the theme of the divine feminine. We are visiting many sacred sites that were established to recognize and celebrate the power of the feminine, mother Earth, Venus, and others! It’s going to be awesome–are you sure you can’t come? 🙂

      1. You have no idea how much I’d like to join your tour group. But alas, my symptoms just keep piling up, fatigue being the worst, and I would not be up for traveling now, or until my transplant plus a few months. After transplant I will feel much better AND will be able to accept more work & lo! make more money so I can then travel. Hang on, Allison! I’ll be coming with you sooner than you think!!! 🙂

      2. Dana, you are a fighter and an inspiration! On this tour, I will ask all of the divinities to send you good health so you can come visit them yourself when you are feeling fantastic! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Allison!!! That is wonderful. You are so sweet and you inspire me, too. Don’t know if you will be on the call tonight with Tama, but I am going to make an announcement. If I can get picked to be able to talk. But here’s a preview – I have a live donor who has passed 3 of the 4 evaluations. She is scared right now and I haven’t heard from her in a week. Fingers crossed I will hear soon! I haven’t wanted to put it out on FB until the news is firm and she’s passed everything. It’s my niece who lives in DC. Her name is Dayna – yes, named after me! <3 🙂

    1. That is such wonderful news. It is a big decision for her, I’m sure… but what could be more wonderful to do? I will put the word out to all of those saints and otherwise in Sicily! (tears)

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