Stealing from Old Men in the Village


Calling upon the traditional work songs and sacred music they heard growing up in the small town of Sutera in the province of Caltanissetta, Lorenzo and Enzo Mancuso create “new-traditional” Sicilian roots music. Known internationally as Fratelli Mancuso, the duo mixes elements from Gregorian chant, Christian liturgical laments, Arabic and Byzantine lyrical prayers, and the vocal sensibilities they heard “old men in the village” sing at pubs after working in the local mines, during religious processions, or just hanging out in the town’s barber shop.

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  1. This sounds like lovely recordings. I’m going to look up the musicians, see what I can find.
    I ran across this movie in a review in The New Yorker – a comedy with two men eating their way to and through Italy. Called The Trip to Italy. It may be gone from theaters in NYC but is playing here. Here’s a link to the trailer-
    Have a lovely Sunday and Labor Day, Allison! <3

    1. Thanks for the tip! You too, have a restful and inspired long weekend!

  2. tpetriano says:

    Thanks for these recommendations. I plan on getting some of their music. Can you recommend any specific songs that include Arabic chant or musical style?

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