If Not Her Voice, Her Beauty Lures Me In


At Aspra, artist Rosalia Biondolillo (I’m venturing to guess it’s Bagheria’s ceramic artist Mirella Pipia.) painted a mermaid on a fishing boat. Although she doesn’t sing like the Sirens from The Odyssey thought to have lived off of Sicily near the straights of Messina, she still lures me in. (Updated: 23 September 2015)

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  1. So lovely this mermaid of Sicily! Thanks for your wonderful photograph of her and the very colorful boat she is painted on. -Dana

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  2. Claire Walsh says:

    Wonderful photo!!! The beautiful mermaid with flowing hair and sweet animation reminds me of you!


  3. Michela Aiello says:

    Sorry for my english but the artist who paintig the marmade she is rosalia biondolillo an artist from aspra

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    1. Michela! Grazie mille per l’informazione! Sono molto contenta sapere il nome dell’artista! È possibile trovare altri lavori di lei ad Aspra?


      1. Mimmo Aiello says:

        Si ci sono altri lavori di Rosalia Biondolillo ad Aspra……

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