If Not Her Voice, Her Beauty Lures Me In


At Aspra, artist Rosalia Biondolillo (I’m venturing to guess it’s Bagheria’s ceramic artist Mirella Pipia.) painted a mermaid on a fishing boat. Although she doesn’t sing like the Sirens from The Odyssey thought to have lived off of Sicily near the straights of Messina, she still lures me in. (Updated: 23 September 2015)

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  1. So lovely this mermaid of Sicily! Thanks for your wonderful photograph of her and the very colorful boat she is painted on. -Dana

  2. Claire Walsh says:

    Wonderful photo!!! The beautiful mermaid with flowing hair and sweet animation reminds me of you!

  3. Michela Aiello says:

    Sorry for my english but the artist who paintig the marmade she is rosalia biondolillo an artist from aspra

    1. Michela! Grazie mille per l’informazione! Sono molto contenta sapere il nome dell’artista! È possibile trovare altri lavori di lei ad Aspra?

      1. Mimmo Aiello says:

        Si ci sono altri lavori di Rosalia Biondolillo ad Aspra……

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