Greet the Day from “Your” Balcony


Balcony, Castelbuono.  (A girl can dream, right?)

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  1. Claire Walsh says:

    I can just hear the mandolin playing…

  2. I saved this post so I could tell you my response to the photograph, and what I have noticed generally about your photographs. You have such a feel for color. I like the color of the building itself and how you caught the shaded portion and how much deeper a color it is and all the marks in the exterior from over the many years. What struck me most were first the dark green of the door or window frame, and then the many colors of blue in the circular window and then the windows along the side of the building, as reflected from that aquamarine sky. It is quite a delight to look at over and over again. You have quite an artistic eye, Allison.

  3. Dana, I appreciate your observation about color. It’s right on–I have made a distinct effort to illustrate color throughout the posts, so much so, that when you look at a mosaic of the posts next to each other, you really get a sense of a colorful quilt. Sicily is busting with color all over, and so, I aim to emulate that through the posts so you readers feel that. And, yes, when I take the photos, I am very conscious of the colors and the light. I truly appreciate your delight and observation!

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