San Cataldo in Palermo Boasts Spellbinding Mosaics


The inlaid floor of Chiesa Capitolare di San Cataldo in Palermo is a spectacular example of Arab and Norman architectural and decorative styles. Stone and marble pieces create spellbinding pavement mosaics. The church was built in the 1150s by Maio of Bari, William I’s top emir, or commander.

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  1. says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful art work! Where are the artisans today?

    1. Well, obviously, this was built over 850 years ago… the artisans’ spirits are certainly in every bit of marble and stone of this pavement. A beautiful example of the power of humanity!

  2. Stunning! And you’re right – a beautiful example of the power of humanity. I pictured right away all the human hands that went into creating this lasting mark of beauty.

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