Not Only Flowers at Castelbuono’s Infiorata


Last week in Castelbuono, they celebrated their 7th annual Infiorata di Castelbuono. This photo is from the 2012 addition, the theme of which was arts and music. In Castelbuono, which is in the Madonie Mountains, the artists who make these “carpets” don’t only use petals from carnations and Gerbera daisies, but, different from Noto’s world-famous Infiorata, the artists also use materials collected from the Madonie countryside in the days preceding the Festival. Materials seen in this photo, for example, may include dirt, fennel, wheat, lavender, myrtle, olive tree leaves, carob powder, beans, sunflower seeds, onion, leaves from other trees, etc. The artists look for natural elements that enable them to create beautiful color contrasts and distinct lines. The “carpets” offer not only a visual sensation, but also an aromatic one with a backdrop of Castelbuono’s charming medieval town.

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  1. Wow, just wow! Such a sensuous and beautiful work of art. I could almost smell it and sense a breeze blowing over it as I read your description. What beauty we humans are capable of. I hope I dream of this image and the sensations from it tonight. Thank you for sharing such wonder, Allison.

    1. Thank you Dana! I love your descriptive reaction! Beautiful writing.

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