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  1. Hi Allison – Lucky you! I adore this clock! How very sweet and precious it is. I love the sun (or is it the moon?) coming up over the roof and the little black numbers to show the time, everything handpainted and lovely. And that stack of books! My goodness, I hope you are working on a book of your own about Sicily.

    I really love when you include a little story about the photo. I’ve learned so much about Sicily already. I had no idea the Normans came there and built those fortresses you’ve showed lately. 1200 – wow.

    Keep this up. And I promise a blog post soon. BTW, I shared my most recent blog post with the transplant coordinator at the hospital to indicate my state of mind (they don’t want to transplant unhappy patients!!!)

    Your wee fan,

    1. Dana,

      It pleases me so much that you are enjoying the posts!

      Like my short posts and stories, your posts and stories are impactful. They remind me not to take my good health for granted; and as you’ve pointed out, they also help health providers know what it is like to be on the patient-side of the needle, let’s say! You write beautifully. You too keep it up! 🙂

      I look forward to your next post.

      Be well!

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