Frittola In Il Capo Market, Palermo

“Parts unknown” in Il Capo Market, Palermo… Eric and I ate the frittola! How adventuresome are you? What is frittola? You ask? Sicilian street food… And you don’t really know which parts of the animal you are eating…. Let’s explore Palermo’s markets together during Stirring Sicily this September. More at

Inspired By The Locals

The “Eleven O’clock Number ” of our Palermo market, street food, and cultural walking tour today was Pan ca meusa, the ancient city’s world renowned spleen sandwich, pictured. Normally, I don’t eat anything from a cow, but, when in Palermo, I follow the lead of the locals, and as a result, I am inspired by…

Feel Refreshed And Inspired By Travel In Sicily

Seeking joyful companions for our Myths & Mysteries of Sicily May 2018 tour! Won’t you join us? During Myths & Mysteries of Sicily, you’ll explore off-the-beaten path towns, interact with locals (like Vincenzo here, at Antica Focacceria San Francesco in Palermo), immerse yourself in Sicilian culture and ancient history, and explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites….

Crunchy On The Outside

Earlier this week, I mentioned that in the days leading up to and including La Festa di Santa Lucia, Palermitani don’t eat flour-based foods. So what do they eat then? Arancine, of course! Yes, these balls-of-gold are a masterpiece of Palermitano wheat-free street food, and Sicilians of the Conco d’Oro take their arancine very seriously…

A Different Kind of Sandwich

One of my favorite things to eat in Sicily is panelle and cazzilli stuffed in a seasame seed bun (pictured). Panelle are flat chickpea-flour fritters made with fresh parsley, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil. Cazzilli, which is a vulgar way of saying “little penises,” are potato croquettes made with mashed potatoes, fresh parsley (or…