Mesmerizing for Hours

Before video games, TV, and films, Sicilians had carts and cart drivers, traveling minstrels, and vendors whose songs told the stories of the detailed scenes painted on cart panels. Examining the mesmerizing craftsmanship of each unique “carretto” could keep you busy for hours.

Snippets that Reveal Treasures

This is a snippet of a larger painting that hangs in the chambers of Palermo’s Palazzo dei Normanni, the house of the Sicilian Parliament. I love it for two reasons: it shows pre-twentieth century traditional dress of the women working in the field and one of them is holding a traditional Sicilian, woven basket.

Mementos for Your Carry-On

Souvenir shop, Noto. No trip to Sicily would be complete without purchasing some ceramics to take home. Other mementos of Sicily to consider stuffing in your carry-on are preserves and honey (for example, crema di pistacchio, pistacchio pesto, wild fennel pesto, orange marmalade, citron jam, and bee honey from the fichi d’india), Malvasia wine, marzipan…