The Feast of Saint George

This image of Saint George is from my father’s toy Sicilian cart from the 1950s. The hand-painted miniature is a prized family possession. You’ll see Saint George on many carts, especially the back support, because he protects the cart drivers and their horses. This weekend in the town of Piana degli Albanesi in Palermo province,…


One of my favorite visits during our Enchanting Sicily tour is with artist Michele Ducato in his studio. Michele the keeper of the Ducato family business: painting Sicilian carts. He is so generous with his time and sharing his knowledge about his craft. 

Oh, Amore Mio! Tesore Mio!

Oh, Amore Mio! Tesore Mio! (Oh, my love! My treasure!) … Can’t you hear her say? Love is in the air and on Sicilian carts with their illustrations of chivalry from “Orlando furioso” and other stories of princesses and knights. Master cart painter Michele Ducato in Bagheria showed us this cart, almost completed, in his…

Meet Alessandro 

Meet Alessandro Castro, a master accordion player and singer who calls himself “Il Carrettiere di Erice,” or the Cart Driver of Erice. Alessandro specializes in performing Sicilian and Neopolitan songs. You can find him in front of the Castello di Venere at the top of Mount San Giuliano in Erice. I was fortunate enough to…

Sicilian Fiat 500

There are many treasures in Castelvetrano, and this Fiat 500, painted by Ceramiche Galfano in the style of the Sicilian carts, is one of them. Therefore, on your way to or from Selinunte archaeological park, be sure to leave some extra time to stop by to visit this masterpiece!  Galfano has ceramic miniatures for sale…

Serving Up My Smile

Experience Sicily’s Evelina Buttitta was in Cefalù last evening for the street food festival, and she sent me this photo she took knowing that I would love this hand-painted food cart, decorated in the style of the traditional and historic Sicilian cargo-carting carts. 💙💛💚

Meet Napoleano

The perfect ending to a perfect morning in Castellammare del Golfo! Silvio and his pony Napoleano were in the piazza with his cart giving rides to children… And then to me. Mille grazie Silvio! It’s all about interactions with Sicilians. This is what makes a truly memorable experience!