Endless Vineyards In Trapani Province, Sicily

Live from Sicily! I just keep falling further in love with Sicily… Trapani Province woos me with its endless vineyards, olive groves, and wheat fields. Sweeping mountain views and turquoise sea, busiate pasta and textured couscous, overstuffed cannoli, magnificent beauty, and excellent hospitality. What a heartwarming way to close this trip! Alla prossima!

Our Hearts Are Warmed

We stopped for lunch at one of my “homes” in Sicily, Case di Latomie, where my dear friend Sebastiano Chiofalo of GelsominoImports.com hosted us among the olive trees. Sicilian hospitality continues to amaze me and warm my heart.  Thank you to chef Francesco Gallo for a remarkable lunch!  From left to right, Jennifer Bowen, Nola Bee, Allison…

Emeralds or Olives

Who needs emeralds when you can have Nocellara del Belice olives? On Day 3 of Savoring Sicily (our Sept. 22 – Oct. 4, small-group tour), we’ll have lunch at this working olive farm, where you’ll be surrounded by the Centonze family jewels. But, not only lunch. We’ll also have the benefit of the owner taking…

Cast the nets!

The olive harvest is on! What we learned on our tour is that there are two phases of the olive harvest: the first round is for olives that are to be eaten; the second round, which takes place generally in late October/early November (depends on the climate-location of the trees), is for producing oil.

Olive Sicily

I’ve been so engrossed most of the day programming our Enchanting Sicily tour, which I’ll be leading September 24 to October 8, I almost forgot to post something for you! OK, so, I’ve been inspired by one of the many fantastic activities in which we’ll be taking part during the trip: a tour of this…