Dress for Success 

This weekend in the southeastern Sicilian town of Pachino, they are celebrating the “Inverdurata di Pachino,” a festival that features local agricultural production. In this case, it is their renowned sweet cherry tomatoes–here used to create a dress along with orange, lemon, cucumbers, and onion slices (there may be some celery and zucchini mixed in…

Snippets that Reveal Treasures

This is a snippet of a larger painting that hangs in the chambers of Palermo’s Palazzo dei Normanni, the house of the Sicilian Parliament. I love it for two reasons: it shows pre-twentieth century traditional dress of the women working in the field and one of them is holding a traditional Sicilian, woven basket.

Taormina Fashion of the Past

Traditional dress of a peasant woman from Taormina carrying terracotta jug, which was a common way to transport foodstuffs such as wine, olive oil, and water. #sicily #sicily_travel #sicilia #sicily_tourism #italy #ig_sicily #italia #siciliaph #taormina #dress #costume #peasant #jug #terracotta