It Holds the Pasta 

This Thursday, Aug. 11, the town of Salemi celebrates the 12th Edition of the Sagra della Busiata; That is, a culinary festival dedicated to the corkscrew-shaped, long pasta particular to Trapani province. In this photo, taken in May by Vincent Titone, I am attempting to make busiate. Our Sicilian hostesses in Castellammare del Golfo made…

Power of the People: Lo Zingaro

Along Sicily’s north-west coast between Castellammare del Golfo and San Vito Lo Capo exists a protected area known as “Lo Zingaro” Nature Reserve. Lo Zingaro was founded in 1981 after environmentally-minded citizens staged a protest-march in May 1980 to prevent the approximately 4000 acres of land from being developed and bisected by a coastal highway….