Myths and Mysteries of Sicily, Western Part I

Part I, Western Sicily

Icon of the Carthaginian goddess Tanit at Selinunte

When: Tuesday, January 19, 7:30PM to 8:45PM (Eastern)
Where: Online/Zoom
Access: Complimentary (Registration Required)

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During this Myths and Mysteries of Sicily: Part I, Western Sicily presentation, Allison Scola, Owner/Curator of Experience Sicily, will discuss the legends, mythology, and mystery cults of ancient sacred sites of western Sicily such as the Carthaginian goddess Tanit and the ancient Greek goddess Demeter Malophoros, whose presences can be seen at Selinunte, Aphrodite/Venus, who was venerated for centuries at Erice, and the black Madonna of Custonaci.

About the Presenter

Allison Scola is founder, owner, and curator of Experience Sicily and the Cannoli Crawl. Named one of the experts for the 2019 New York Times Travel Show, Scola writes and lectures on Sicily and leads immersive tours and designs custom itineraries aimed to delight discerning travelers. She has been featured on Rudy Maxa’s World with the Carey’s, America’s #1 Travel Radio Show and as the cannoli expert in the documentary Cannoli, Traditions Around the Table. Scola has lectured about Sicily at University of Pennsylvania, The New School, LIU Post University, Queens College, at high schools in the New York City metropolitan area, and at events in New York City.

Allison is currently writing a book about divine feminine sacred sites and the myths and mysteries of Sicily.

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