52 Reasons to Love Sicily | Palermo Goes To 11

52 Reasons to Love Sicily

#3. When talking coolness factor, the city of Palermo goes to 11. It’s European. It’s north African. It’s exotic. It’s got flirtatious nightlife (La Vucciria open-air market becomes a people-watching hub after dark and in nearby Ballarò, jazz clubs take over the alleyways.). It’s got high-art — the city is home to one of Europe’s largest opera houses, Teatro Massimo. Come hungry to enjoy “parts unknown” street food in Il Capo street market (in addition to the above mentioned Vucciria and Ballarò open-air wonders).

Then there are ancient sites next to psychodelic baroque (Chiesa di Santa Caterina and Casa Professa, to name just two mind-blowing experiences!) next to Arab-Norman style architecture, next to Liberty Style… Oh, and royal palaces! Check out these mosaic-tiled lions (pictured) in the chambers of Roger II from the 12th century. And don’t forget Castello della Zisa and then all of the baronial palazzi.

Be scared, because I haven’t even talked about the dead people in the Catacombe dei Cappuccini.

Take my advice, one day isn’t gonna do it for Palermo!

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